You Will Wonder How You Lived Without These Natural Paper Towels

These paper towels are made of 100% cellulose manufactured in North and South America. They are strong, clean and very absorbent, capable of removing any contamination including dust, dirt, and liquid.

The towels come in a blue or pink box, which measures 155×100×55 mm. The size of the paper towel is 200×155 mm. There are 130 of them inside and owing to a well thought out construction of the box you will not be pulling out more than one towel at a time.

Douglas fir fibers in the composition of the towels add to their thickness, making them several times stronger than ordinary towels. Woven eucalyptus fibers provide a soft and soothing sensation when you touch them.

These paper towels have excellent water absorbing properties. They are not easy to tear as well. A single paper towel can handle the weight of 33 coins with of 1 yuan!

Another big plus is that Xiaomi did not use any dyes or chemicals in them, so they are completely safe for your skin.

The papers towels are really multi-purpose. They will meet your needs, whatever the task. Here are only a few uses for these amazing towels:

  • remove makeup;
  • wipe and wash dishes;
  • clean kitchen and room surfaces;
  • wipe your face and body during training;
  • use for intimate hygiene etc.

Can you think of any more interesting uses for these paper towels?

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