Your Eye Health Depends on It: Xiaomi Launched UV-Light Blocking Sunglasses

Sunny days are getting pretty standard and most of you are already thinking about taking out shades. Some — to give a more polished look to the outfit, others — for safety reasons. Wearing sunglasses is one of the smartest things you can do when you spend a lot of time outdoors. And while we still think that as a piece of accessory sunglasses have a great value, firstly we want to stress out the health factor of keeping a pair of frames in your bag at all times.

Sunny days are tricky. You may think that warm sun rays are caressing your body but they are actually injuring it little by little. For example, our eyes have a natural gift of filtering UV-rays. But by doing so for many years the lens of the eye can become damaged and vulnerable. That is the starting point for more serious diseases.

Wearing sunglasses can prevent many eye diseases. Thus picking the right sunblock for your eyes is crucial. And we just have one in mind. Xiaomi already has a successful experience launching glasses for work and computer that filter out blue light and relieve digital eye strain. This time Xiaomi is bringing a new pair of shades to the masses. And they surely want to be the only thing you need for going out in the sun.

They are branded Turok Steinhardt and provide 100% protection from UV-rays. They can also be used in the fall-winter season as they are capable of reducing glare reflected off of wet roads and snow. On top of that, the glasses will give a clearer vision.

The glasses can be used both by men and women.They are made out of stiff and sturdy material, are lightweight and resistant to scratches. The lenses are finished in blue, gray or yellow. 


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