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Well-planned kitchen is a key not only for a convenient cooking but also is the happiness for every hostess. The congestion of fat on furniture, on the wallpaper and even on the ceiling are the common problems for people who do not use the kitchen hood. Also, the kitchen hood helps to remove the odors, steam, and smoke in a couple of seconds. One of these models — Smart Hood Internet Hurri was presented by the partner of Xiaomi — Viomi company.

Let’s take a look at all the advantages of this smart device:

  • The air duct turbine is not located at a right angle like in traditional ventilation. The duct has an angle of 15 degrees and provides more efficient operation of the device. The suction power is 21 m³/min. 
  • Balanced, noiseless design in a metal casing. High suction power due to the operation of 32 blades in the turbine fan, which is designed to work without accumulating any dust.
  • Easy to clean the filter. The mesh design with a size of 400*268mm easily catches up to 90% of fat and soot, which is contained in the air.
  • Automatic switching with the help of special built-in sensors, which respond to changes in temperature and the presence of smoke.
  • Easy operation via the mobile application. With downloading a special application on your smartphone, you will get the full access to all the functionality of the device, even when you are far away from it (for example, in another room).

Viomi Smart Hood Internet Hurri is made of lightweight stainless steel. Now the cleaning process won’t take more than a couple of minutes. The polished construction does not retain dirt, dust and grease on the surface.

The control of the device is carried out through the convenient touch panel. Moreover, you can set up the timer which helps you to control the cooking process.

An additional bonus for people who are smoking — this type of the kitchen hood can neutralize any cigarette smoke. The noise level is 52dB — which is slightly louder than the usual conversation level.

But these are not the all surprises from Viomi. The manufacturer is so thoughtfully thinking about the customers’ needs and Smart Home devices development so the work of this kitchen hood you can synch with another device in your kitchen — the stove.

The Viomi Internet Smart Gas Stove Power 4.5 is a combination of high power, low gas consumption with maximum safety for the consumer (belongs to the 1st class of fire safety).

The special shape of the hobs consists of nine elements including the reflector that evenly distributes the flame. It is formed in three fire rings, which ensures the entire heating. The gas is burned completely (the efficiency of the device is 63%), and the heating of the dishes is 59% faster than in the traditional gas stoves. It is very convenient to look after the stove surface since it can be cleaned without the use of abrasive detergents.

When you connect the gas stove via the application you will be able to control the turning on and off of the stove.

Thoughtful and safe construction of the stove in combination with the kitchen hood will become an excellent addition to your kitchen. Now, spending time in the kitchen will become interesting and the cooking will become easier.

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