Yueli Comb Will Find a Right Approach to Your Hair

You have a shining straight hair, which draws the attention of nearby people. But then you realize that it was just a dream and you face a harsh reality. Every morning you have to spend a lot of time near the mirror to make everything possible for a good hair styling. Especially when you have hair that tends to be electrified or tangled. But now in our modern world, your problem can be solved by a little device like portable ionic massage hair comb. It was produced by Yueli company which specializes in manufacturing of special hair and beauty care devices for men as for women.

This comb is compact, so there won’t be any problems to take it with you even if your bag is very small. The form of the body makes it very convenient to hold in a hand.

But it is not just a usual hair comb. Portable hair massager is one of the features of this device. Thanks to the changing frequency of vibrations it has a relaxing effect on the scalp and helps to cope with tiredness. Also, it can replace hair straightener which is very harmful with its high-temperature influence to your hair.

Just look at this short video from our official YouTube channel, and you will see that this hair comb is worth your attention.

When you press the button it activates the flow of negatively charged ions (about 12 million of negative ions with frequency 1100GHz).

Your hair becomes straighter and looks like after beauty salon procedures. Moreover, this massage makes hair roots healthier. But if you want to have long and strength hair, using a hair repairing mask won’t help you. Healthy growth begins from roots, so you should take care of them. With the little Yueli device, it becomes easier.

It is very ergonomic. Even if you forget to turn off the comb, Yueli device will do it automatically in 4 minutes. Also if the charging level is low, the device will show you that — just look at a special indicator. It can work without recharging about 400 minutes thanks to 120mA battery. The device is easy to disassemble to change the battery.

The weight of the device is a little more than a chocolate bar — about 123g and the size is 129×66.7×54mm. Thanks to its portable size, the comb can be carried everywhere and stored anywhere.

Yueli Comb was presented in matte and glossy versions. Moreover, it is available in two color variations like pink and pink to blue ombre.

Long-hair girls will certainly like this novelty, because it will become like a magic wand to make an excellent hairstyle and keep hair healthy.

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