YueMi Mechanical Keyboard Review

There are two kinds of keyboards: the cheap ones that are produced in millions and can hardly handle a fall and the ones that are actually worth using — in most cases those are mechanical keyboards. They became synonymous with quality and durability. However, today the market is flooded with membrane keyboards, the cheaper ones. Though they may be more affordable and less noisy, their quality of operation is far from what mechanics can offer. That is why many manufacturers are trying to breathe a new life into mechanical keyboards. Xiaomi also jumped on the bandwagon and launched YueMi Mechanical Keyboard. Read on to know why you should have one on your desk.


The keyboard comes well-protected. Inside the shipping box, it is cradled into a thick cardboard form and covered with a plastic sheet. Upon opening the box we are greeted with 2 things more — the manual and 1.5mlong USB cable, which is kept in a separate compartment.


The keyboard looks very casual. It has a rectangular shape and measures 358×128×31.6 mm. It omits the numeric keypad which makes it very compact.

YueMi Mechanical Keyboard sports ABS-plastic for the front cover and the keycaps, and aluminum — for the bottom part. It comes with TTC Red Switches that are made to last up to 50 million keystrokes.

The letters do not wear out as they are engraved by a laser. The device is armed with two rows of characters, English and Cyrillic, forming a QWERTY layout. The keys are evenly backlit with a white illumination. Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Windows have orange light support.

The bottom has 2 small rubber feet to keep it from moving. It is quite heavy (940 g), but its weight makes it even more stable. The feet raise the keyboard to a 6-degree angle.


There is a 32-bit STMicroelectronics chip on board that allows to press as many as 11 keys at once and all of them will be registered without fail. It takes less than 1 ms to respond, letting you type at a cheetah-like speed. The gamers will get a lot of joy out of this.

There is a space between the keys just enough for you to hit them correctly when touch typing. QWERTY symbol alignment is practically a standard, so the only thing you need to get used to is having no numeric keypad to turn to. But it will suit the needs of many gamers as now there is more room for the mouse.

We had no trouble typing when the keyboard rested flat on our desk. It reminded us of working with a laptop. However, when we flip out the feet it would be raised at an angle much more comfortable for our wrist.

YueMi Mechanical Keyboard has 6 backlighting modes. To adjust the brightness we used a combination of Fn + “up” or “down” arrows. At night hours we liked a soft glow under our fingers. If we set the brightness to the maximum it would still be easy to the eye.

Bottom line

Xiaomi made a YueMi Mechanical Keyboard not just for the sake of having one. It definitely put a lot of work into what we call a superior typing experience. The quality of materials and the build top it off. We could not be more satisfied with how it performed in games as well. You deserve the best quality keyboard and this choice is great to have.

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