YunBike C1 — a New Smart Electric Bicycle by Xiaomi

Xiaomi has decided to further expand its ecosystem. After the products dedicated to home and fitness, there is another segment of the market where Xiaomi seems to become a serious competitor.

Not long ago the company has invested 10 million Yuan in Chinese startup Yunmake, which deals with the production of electric bicycles. This partnership has already borne fruit: the birth of the division YunBike and presentation of YunBike X1.

Today Xiaomi has presented a new smart electric bike, the YunBike C1. This new hybrid vehicle is intended to modify the concept of the electric bicycle.

The device has a 36V, 180W electric motor manufactured by YunBike. It is able to reach 25km/h speed. Also it is equipped with a 5-speed gearbox, an accelerometer, and a 3-axis gyro. When the bike comes to a slope, the intelligent system automatically supplies power to help users in cycling uphill.

The bicycle has a 5100mAh multi-sectional Samsung 18650 battery which is enough to travel up to 55km without recharge. It takes only 3 hours to fully charge the battery. The Xiaomi YunBike C1 weights about 16kg and has the rated load 120kg.

On the handlebar there is a mount for the smartphone, which connects to the bicycle via Bluetooth. It will help you to take advantages of various useful features such as speedometer, maps and traffic, lights controller, charge level indicator etc.

The new electric bicycle comes in five different colors.

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