Zmi Car Charger Has Got a Digital Display

Every driver knows how useful a car charger is. That’s why ZMi specialists decided to upgrade one of their popular products. The new model of ZMi Car Charger has the same USB output as its predecessor. But it has got one interesting feature. The digital display is provided to show the input voltage. We have one of the samples, so let’s look at the unpacking.

The car charger is supplied in a transparent plastic box.

On the back side of the package you will find:

  • product name: ZMI car charger digital display (18W);
  • product model: AP621;
  • interface type: dual-hole USB interface;
  • input: 12V-24V;
  • output: single port 5V2.4A / 9V2A MAX / 12V1.5A MAX , dual port 5V2.4A (15W MAX).

The package consists of a car charger and user manual.

The car charger jack panel has a dust-proof and scratch-resistant adhesive tape that can be torn and reused.

The device adopts a metal shell and the front translucent black panel with 2 USB-A output ports, and the digital voltage indicator in the middle.

The top of the black cone is a solid copper plated polished positive contact with a mirrored finish.

If the input voltage is lower than 10.8V, ZMI car charger voltage indicator will flash.

The user should pay attention to the decreasing of power and replace the battery in time.

To identify the protocol of the output ports we used the POWER-Z FL001S.

IPhone 8 Plus charging: the model successfully recognizes the APPLE2.4A protocol, charging power is 5.1V1.9A9.8W.

Xiaomi Mi 6 charging: ZMi Car Charger determines QC3.0 and provides a 6.4V2.3A15W charging power.

What is hidden inside?

The device is super strong and can’t be opened without damage.

It can only be cut directly by the grinder. As you can see the manufacturer used a copper alloy to provide better heat dissipation.

Charge your devices the right way and they will serve you for a long time.

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