ZMi Is №1 Company According to the Green Power Alliance Rating

Power bank is the irreplaceable device for all the modern people.

Due to the long-term lack of national standards for power banks, many dishonest businesses have been able to take advantage of this situation. The market is still full of counterfeit products. This power bank will not only fail to provide fast charging but also will have serious risks for your device.

To provide consumers with more qualitative devices a new national standard of mobile power devices was implemented on July 1st. in China.

In addition to this, the Green Power Alliance announced the list of the first 10 mobile power devices companies that meet all the requirements of the new GB/T 35590-2017 standard.

And as you can see the leader of this list is Xiaomi Ecological Chain partner — Zmi Company.

The selected 10 companies have more advanced product design and a more complete service system, strictly follow the national standard, and continuously improve the product experience.

ZMI works hard with industry enterprises to strictly follow the national standard and make high-quality mobile power banks, create better products, and jointly promote the development of domestic products.

According to the results announced by the China Green Power Alliance, there are still a large number of power banks that do not meet the new national standard. After the implementation of the new national standard regulations, it will increase the impact on non-compliance and impose legal sanctions.

But you know the manufacturer you can trust. Today the ZMi power banks line counts a lot of devices with different capacity and unusual design (like ZMi Space Powerbank).

That’s why it is not surprising that it became the № 1 company among the serious competitors in this market.

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