ZMI Takes Honours on the Chinese Brands Day

China is the world’s major manufacturing hub. Apple electronics is produced here. But despite that fact, a lot of people in China think that products originating in their country are of less satisfactory quality thus prefer to purchase things from overseas. It is hard for young local brands to compete for their native customers’ attention because of that “Made-in-China” effect though the quality of the products they make is very good. 

In the attempts to overcome the negative connotation of the label and to raise local brand awareness in China the government proclaimed May, 10 as the “Chinese Brands Day”. On the occasion, Xiaomi’s subsidiary ZMI was announced as one of the most promising Chinese companies that also have a potential to gain a worldwide following.

Indeed, with 5 years of prior experience, ZMI has become a synonym for quality and value in China. Xiaomi was able to build its ecosystem with an introduction of ZMI products, which always conform to strict manufacture standards and which demonstrate how much thought should be given to every detail. Both companies, Xiaomi and ZMI, have the same dream — to give the world next generation products.

ZMI is a trustworthy brand in China. And what else if not customers’ satisfaction and support spark the motivation to continue making the world better?

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